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Friends For Zambia, a  non-governmental organization (NGO) in Canada, works to further primary education in the community of Lilayi, Zambia.  FFZ was established to financially assist the community to construct Twitti Primary School.  This beautiful school,serving children from Baby class to Grade 7, was officially opened in July 2012. 

Since then, Friends For Zambia has maintained its involvement with the school and continues to support various projects identified by the Lilayi Education Trust.

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Mid-term Break for Twitti Pupils - March 11 - 15


Twitti Learners greeted the news of their Mid-term Break with excitement.  Although March 11 to 15 are the days off, the Break started on March 8, International Women's Day.   

In the photo above, Teacher Helen has just told her class that they are on vacation for a week.  You can see the joy registered on their faces!

Teachers gather to celebrate International Women's Day 2019

Twitti Primary School teachers gather together to mark an important day.

Happy International Women's Day!  March 8, 2019

Following a Twitti Primary School tradition, the teachers dress in specially made clothing for this significant day.  Then they gather together to recognize the role of women in Zambia, in their families and at their school.  This is a valuable contribution to their community and to the important work women have contributed in the country. 

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Lafarge Zambia is a Valued Community Partner


Lafarge Zambia Donation 2018

In October 2018 Lafarge Zambia donated 300 pockets of cement to be used in TPS infrastructure projects.

January 2019: The first project has been the construction of a wall at the rear of the Twitti property. This wall will make the students and their school more secure.

Lafarge Zambia & Social Responsibility

From Lafarge: "When our communities start to prosper because of our involvement and the Lafarge name becomes synonymous with constant unwavering commitment, then we are on our way to one of our greatest growth objectives: Building a better Zambia.

Lafarge - A Partner since 2008

Soon after an initial connection was made between Twitti School and Lafarge in 2007 by Friends For Zambia, the company made a commitment to provide all the bags of cement required to construct the new Twitti School buildings.  The first delivery was made in April 2008, and deliveries continued until the school was complete.

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